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19th of August till 1st of September

Corn-fed chicken
polenta - popcorn - baby corn - chickenskin - foam of hay - green asparagus - lime mayonnaise

Haddock and squid
Black rice noodles - celery - paksoy - red pepper - gel of prosecco - soy sauce and ginger foam

Veal & king prawn
celeriac - tomato - zucchini - carrot - gel of carrot and orange - parmesan foam

Duck from the “Veluwe”
Beetroot - gel of pickles - spring onion - hazelnut - pommes dauphine - chicory - crisp of cassava - duck gravy

Supplement pan fried foie gras or sweetbread +7
French fries - truffle mayonnaise +3,50

Selection of 5 different cheeses +15

Cake of peach and white chocolate - marinated peach - gel of red fruit - Champagne sorbet - sugar bread - foam of orange


3 courses

(Chicken - Duck - Peach)


4 courses

(Chicken - Haddock - Duck - Peach)


5 courses

(Chicken - Haddock - Veal - Duck - Peach)


Wine pairing

3 glasses


4 glasses


5 glasses


Replacing dessert for in between course +6

The menu can be ordered per table only.
It is not possible to change the order of the courses.

A la carte


Carpaccio “Weiderund”
pine nuts - pesto Genovese - parmesan cheese - capers


Pan fried foie gras
“villa mandori” 12 years old aceto balsamico - munster cheese - apple - truffle - roasted sugar bread


Corn-fed chicken
polenta - popcorn - baby corn - chicken skin - foam of hay - green asparagus - lime mayonnaise



Duck from the "Veluwe"
Beetroot - gel of pickles - spring onion - hazelnut - pommes dauphine - chicory - crisp of cassava - duck gravy


Salad with fresh fish
shrimps – tomato - egg - cucumber - herb dressing - capers - croutons - sweet and sour vegetables


Chateaubriand (450 gram, per 2 persons)
seasonal vegetables - pepper sauce

36 p.p.

Pan fried foie gras or sweetbread - supplement + 7
French fries - truffle mayonnaise + 3,50


Wagyu is the world’s most renown beef from Japan. With the Grade A5 we can serve you the meat with the best fat marbling you will find. It has a different flavor, texture and marbling than all other countries.

Next to this we have Wagyu from the rest of the world. A different experience than the Japanese, again unique. Moderated in its marbling but also in price point.

Chilean Wagyu
carpaccio of the rib eye


Japanese Wagyu
A5+ sirloin (BMS 12)


Australian Wagyu
Petit Tender (BMS 6-7)


It is possible to add wagyu to the menu

Dessert & Cheese

Poached plums – cinnamon crème – gel of sugard plumbrandy – foam of lemon and mint – orange sorbet ice cream – plums and hazelnut bread crisp


Selection of 5 different cheeses



With the below stated cheese you can create your own cheese platter. We will serve your choices with Dutch apple syrup and different crackers.
3.5 per piece


De Reblochon is made in the Savoie area, France. It is made from raw cow milk. The end result has creamy ivory colored core with a saffron yellow crust. The flavor is mild and nutty.

Oude gracht kaas
A Dutch old cheese mad from pasteurized cow´s milk. 4 weeks after production of the cheese it is shipped to a warehouse in which it matures for 52 weeks.

The production of Epoisse started in the 16th century in Burgundy. Epoisse is made of pasteurized cow´s milk and repeatedly washed with `Marc de Bourgogne`. This cheese is a delicious, creamy red flora.

A cheese of pasteurized cow´s milk with a shiny, orange brown, washed crust. From the inside Livarot is golden yellow it has a fragrant rich nose with a powerful taste.

A well-known red flora from Alsace, France. The cheese is made from unpasteurized cow´s milk. Munster is named after the village in which it is matured. A beautiful red flora cheese with a pungent nose and a lovely sweetness un the palate.

This creamy and soft bleu cheese is made in the Auvergne, France. It has a black outer layer due to a crust made of charcoal and salt. The crust is edible and gives a distinctive flavor to this cheese.

Saint Agur
A pasteurized cow’s milk cheese from Haute-Loire. Due to the paraffin crust in which it ripens it cannot get rid of its moisture. This gives this blue flora cheese it’s creaminess.

Dessert wines

Grande Maison “Cuvee des Anges”, Semillon / Sauvignon blanc,
Monbazillac, France, 2016

A wine with a very typical flavor and aroma of Botrytis, sweet but not sticky with great exotic fruit flavors.
Glass: 7

Barbeito “5yrs”, Boal, Madeira, Portugal
They stop the fermentation of Madeira at the desired level of sweetness. After this it is matured on French oak barrels for 5 years. This process results in a wine with aromas of dried fruit, light smokeyness and a fresh after taste.
Glass: 7

Domini Veneti “Recioto della Valpolicella”, Valpolicella, Italy, 2016
Recioto starts of as Amarone, but the fermentation is stopped. This results in a rich wine with residual sugar. It has a portlike texture and flavor profile but with a lot less alcohol.
Glass: 7.5

Castello di Ama ‘Vin Santo reserva’, Trebbiano / Malvasia,
Toscany, Italy, 2007

Lovely balanced wine, not to sweet and very powerfull. Aromas of nuts and coffee, caramel and vibrant acidity. Honey, almonds and raisins which are typical for vin santo.
Bottle: 45

Henri Giraud “Ratafia Champenois Solera 1990-2013”, Pinot Noir,
Champagne, France

The Ratafia de Champagne is made from grapes from the champagne harvest, but fortified with a natural flavored alcohol. The ratafia of Giraud is very rare, since he works with a Solera system made from the best harvests over a period of 20 years. The most beautiful pinot noir grapes matured on oak barrels.
Bottle; 85

Niepoort has a big reputation on Colheita ports, tawny ports from one single year. Next to this he has great ruby and tawny ports and renown vintage ports. His wines have a sweet accent with a perfect acidity to balance it.

Niepoort, White Port Glass: 7
Niepoort, Ruby Port Glass: 7
Niepoort, Tawny Port Glass: 7
Niepoort, LBV Port 2013 Glass: 9
Niepoort, Colheita 2004 Glass: 10

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